The advantages of homeopathic treatment for children are diverse: not only that the children are not afraid of the doctor, but even come gladly - homeopathy literally allows them a better future. Scarcely a child, who comes into the practice nowadays, in whose family cancer, diabetes etc. have not occurred. Homeopathy treats sort of the "past", so that there can be a better future. Hardly imaginable, but true: as early as possible the treatment of the children improves their "inheritance".

The example of the remedy Carcinosinum reveals this:

Barely a child, that does not need it these days - in sleep disturbances, ear infections, severe childhood diseases even at the smallest age.

And to administer Carcinosinum doesn't mean that cancer exists- but it is rather the "promise" that the person who receives the remedy will never receive the disease itself.

I will describe many individual cases under this heading to illustrate the diversity of homeopathic children's treatment.