A Placebo describes the interesting phenomenon of a drug free remedy having an effect.

And because you won't find anything with chemical methods in the so-called Highly potent homeopathic treatment , you push a possible impact on this effect.

That's how they are, the eternal materialists who still derive their human image of Descartes, according to whom  body and mind are strictly separated.

The research is only  concerned about the question of "HOW" if it comes to the effect of "drug free remedy", pursuing instead the question: What is the essence of this human being? What makes him healthy or sick?


It is always put under the control of belief:

What do unconscious people believe?

What do animals, plants, so all living things believe? Even with them it only gets better with the right remedy.

Why couldn't you not prescribe any globule? That would be so wonderfully simple - wouldn't it be?"

And what about the predictable (= scientific) so-called initial aggravation?

I have not met one patient , who believes in or anxiously hopes for that.

The awaited improvement is often slow in coming and shows a predictable course.

Have the patient diligently read all about it previously?

Because very few of them have prior knowledge, and they often mix up methods and Professions (physician / Naturopaths / Vegetable, etc.).

In view of the WHO, who has promised the EU to have the measles eradicated by 2015 and which can only be understood as the executive body of the pharmaceutical companies as we know at least since the swine flu, it is clear that homeopathy is " a danger" -not for the sick, but the shares owners.

To have measels eradicated - as an example - is impossible because there is not even an evidence for the virus- a fact that has been emphasized too little .. !!!

It is simply assumed ,as with all inexplicable not bacterial diseases,that it could only be a terrible virus.

So if real arguments are missing, it's all about defamation, like "Placebo", which at the same time degrades by spiritual means this wonderful  Ability of humans for self-healing!

Conversely, however, sobering reports on political / economic relationships between Pharmaceutical Industry,WHO, Standing Committee on Vaccination etc. are dismissed simply as "conspiracy theories".

So the patient is still familiar with that- he has to!

If he only would use his common sense:

Trained doctors, who spread silence and do not vaccinate- apparently aren' t afraid of anything , should rely on a " Placebo Medicin" and thus willing to risk their head and medical approval daily ?!

The fact is, however, that there are mental processes that make us react physically, as you can read very well in the joint studies of Western psychiatrists, neurologists and eastern meditation teachers and monks, made " credible" for the modern man by appropriate scientific methods and imaging techniques.

CURE should use anything that a sick person has available.

So homeopathy is the least to start with.

Because it does indeed "nothing more" than to revive the self-healing powers of the Human

over and over again- and the best is yet to come the organsim learns all along.

Finally, the most important thing about health / disease:

Both do not exist in pure form- our health is a living process, like a dance around an imaginary center.

AND -  here is the macabre "evidence": If you ask the seriously ill what kind of previous diseases they had before  , they might reply:" I was never sick...". And then at some point  "concentrated" - the balance is right again: at some time or another "total" health is mutually dependant  on "total" disease ".

Comparisons with previous generations can not be made- because our great-grandparents and grandparents grew up without the today's influence of a overpowering medicine.

So the 1st statute of medical practice should always be:

"Primum non nocere" = primarily not to harm...

And homeopathy complies with this statute perfectly, not as a placebo, but as a matching stimulus for self-healing- if the remedy is right, because if the remedy was incorrectly selected, nothing happens - the organism sort of does not "understand".

"Side effects" are an invention of non-homeopathic medicine.

Whoever rejects it: Is he or she afraid that it has an effect?

Please regard the qoute from Fontane concerning " The healed cows"...