First of all it is always the same:

Nothing in it- so no effect.

A never-ending concept of matter.

The film dealt primarily with the production method, and deduced from this the non-effect still the same procedure since the existence of homeopathy.

Once again it were not asked:

- cured patients

- Doctors who have spent their lives practicing homeopathy

It was not told:

- The procedure - if you like to add on the three little sentence about the anamnesis-

- the homeopathic drug proving on the healthy

- the rules of healing

- Terms of initial aggravation

- etc....

Therefore it was done a lot again, to make clear to the audience in a "serious" television way that the evil homeopathy industry is keen on generating money from them and that homeopathy is a billion dollar business anyway.


The usual explanatory model as placebo effect:

Wow, it would be so nice! To give some globules ... wouldn't  it be simple! Unfortunately, it does not work that way - healing only works if the remedy was matching.


Always the same tenor - it may not be effective because there is nothing in it. But many people which it helped are indeed a fact: it is not acceptable to deny and thus to ignore all patients and homeopathic doctors around the world.

The issue of research needs to be put differently: not, HOW does it work, where supposedly is nothing in it - but:

What is the essence of a human being ?

We must stop to assess the man only as a molecule which has become matter - what is it , that makes us sick or healthy?

Therefore research is needed in humans!

How is it that meditation can change the brain, what kind of power have our thoughts over our physical condition, how can an Indian Yogi has not eaten or drunk for decades ... and ... and ... and ...?

And concerning these constantly recurring contemptuous reporting:

Why do scientists not consider one thing with the matching method?! When do they stop to torment chemist with questions? Why don't they question physicists? You can chat superbly with them about homeopathy- because they know:

Everything is energy - and matter ... in exchange.

And finally, again and again the question:

Why that much conflict about homeopathy - what are the opponents afraid of?

That it works ..?

Because nobody complains about nonsense  - which was one of the best quotes in the film:

" why are they so upset- if nothing would be there, there is no need to strive against it..."

To sum up, i can say that:

The tenor of the broadcast was to be expected. What affected me the most, is the fact that a station like 3SAT stooped to something like that: because so far 3SAT still seemed to be one of the few really OBJECTIVE stations ...