I give a child Causticum and tell him that this is something like marble. And the mother laughs: "this indeed fits into our family with the many masons!" ( i didn't know- but now i think about it)

I give a woman Pulsatilla- and she tells me:" that's my favorite flower - which I have grown for years "

Has the child no choice now, as to live the Causticum principle...according to so much real marble and stone in the family?

Does the organism developed the affinity for the marble or is it "cosmic predestined"?

And hasn't the organism of the woman recognized much earlier, that Pulsatilla is curative for her, even before her head got to know about it...

Or is it all just a coincidence ..

A colleague of mine pays great attention to the patient's name- and often adjusts even the remedy to it.

This reminds me of a college friend- his name was Sandmeister and we called him sand bucket.

His remedy was Calcium Carbonicum...such a Coincidence.

Who knows more examples?

... It is common however, that "aristocrats" very often need "noble" remedies...Arsen for example....(or is it all just incest and therefore as sick as the last tsar's son, the haemophiliac, probably phosphorus?

And even in conventional medicine, we detect that:

Ritalin is a stimulant. Why is it used to calm incited children?

And X-rays cause cancer and are used against cancer- logical!