It is striking how many children today have middle ear infections - especially if  they are very small, a few months or 1-2 years old.

The usual remedies frequently do not help above average... only if it turns out that a vaccine was just administered, the main remedy for "consequences of vaccinations in children" is: Carcinosinum. 

The child would have needed any calcium salt before the vaccination, but this no longer works now.

As if vaccinations set a blockade or even "arouse" genetic material? 

Every time I treat a kid with middle ear infection, Hahnemann's view of his psora goes through my mind: he claimed that every generation was born sicker than the previous one, because the psora was never healed.  Psora: Hahnemann's name for the original illness of mankind with whom he is born. 

Why am I thinking that?

Carcinosinum is a so-called nosode made from diseased tissue.  

The effect is prompt and reliable every time – they finally come to rest, the children become responsive again and are free of pain. Best potencies are C 200 and C 12 and the good thing about is: the FEAR of everlasting earache is gone.

Why do children always have these painful ear infections nowadays? In the past, These illnesses only occurred in school age children and today much earlier ... hence the thought of Hahnemann.

How can that be explained.

Of course, the child does not have cancer, but it is quite interesting how many ancestors often suffered from this disease. The children usually have the following symptoms as well: sleepless as a baby, chickenpox under one year, Preference for spinach, what supposedly most babies spit on the wall - and extremely sensitive to music, but especially to classical one.