Once again, people have tried to disprove homeopathy as nonsense ... .and they do it just like the last 200 years: 

Do they ever come up with something new?! 

The usual: 

They want to  prove something theoretically that can be only experienced practically. They have simply avoided that- they will certainly fear that it works, as well as all those who don't want to take any homeopathic remedies, because they do not believe in it ...what you really do not need, but in orthodox medicine it is a must.

Above all, they forgot to consult an expert who knows the basics:  

All healed animals in the world, the vets in Austria and the successes of the "Homeopaths without Borders" in plenty of disaster areas in the world ... 

Something new: and finally a truth: 

"..Homeopathy is dangerous ..." (!) ... because it prevents meaningful therapy according to the authors-which ultimately means big profit losses on the side of conventional medicine- which undoubtedly is "dangerous" ...or: to put it in the words of Ms. Dr.Carstens: "Homeopathy is so low-priced that it harms ..."

The most beautiful sentence: 

"...who considers homeopathy possible- considers everything possible" 

It is clear, what the authors have probably meant by this sentence- but on the other hand they didn't

realize what a wonderful truth they revealed ... ..