How do I find a good homeopath?

Hahnemann himself exactly explained to a student how to pick a good doctor up.

Morality, philosophy and philantrophy were the minimum conditions for him.

In addition to that, the ideal doctor is never purchaseable, he never speaks ill of others colleagues and he acts mandatory to the best of his belief and his religion.

These requirements are at least difficult to verify - except collegial backbiting

Like they say it is about the so called quality assurance. This requires at least that a solid basic training exists that allows a actual homeopath to work according to the rules of homeopathy:

a detailed anamnesis, an accurate repertorisation and the treatment with a single remedy simultaneously.

So that means: with a few questions via phone you will notice the quality of the homeopath:

- how long does the first amnesis take ?

- by what repertories operates the homeopath

- how many remedies are given simultaneously?

- how does he treat a pneumonia?

- and finally: what does a first amnesis cost?


The answers:

1 Hour, Kent, Synthesis, generals, etc., a single remedy, with the right medicine, costs about 100-300 euros, depending on the medical fee schedule GOÄ - GebüH naturopaths.

There's also something imponderable as the "word of mouth recommendation", which becomes really important in the case of "big" diseases: when an MS patient raves about a homeopath, you can indeed take him seriously.

You should also know that naturopaths may print 3 therapies on their pratice sign. A doctor may only put homeopathy on his practice sign , if he has made a corresponding additional training that consists of a predefined and to be documented number of courses, lessons, clinic time and dissolved cases. This takes about 2-3 years.