It seems to me necessary to say something about the content of my page, as an inspiration for objective discussions:

I really experienced everything myself and devised it to report and share it with others.

What good is my knowledge when nobody participates in it?

My views and interpretations of our time, music, literature are my way to see homeopathically.

I describe all this because it has been revealed to me over and over again everyday in my practice.

It's just wonderful to ask someone for his favorite colors / music etc. and it is confirmed each time what occured to me first separately: the law of similars must indeed be found everywhere, if it should be a law.

I try to demonstrate that homeopathy is not only a fantastic medical method, but that it can also be a way to understand the world, the fellow human beings and eventually ourselves.


But: As Brecht says, "thinking makes fun but who can always tolerate fun ..?!"

I want to show the fun, the joy of perceiving by my homeopathic perspective- and this website gives me the opportunity - which I use with great pleasure. I am glad about every possibility to have an objective discussion: : forum and guestbook are the platforms for these.

And who knows me, knows that I will never even joke about homeopathy - considering that it is a huge foundation to my work: "I would be afraid to be a doctor without it..."


On the other hand I refuse emotional attacks: freedom of expression yes - insults no."