The repeatedly by theorists unquestioned effect regarding particularly the high potencies can be best described as a resonance phenomenon:

the respective system responds with self-organization.

However, this only works if the stimulus is adequate, if the drug fits.

What is the difference between a homeopathic remedy to any medicine?

The homeopathic medicine describes a state. No one can be in two states simultaneously. Illness

A remedy is only homeopathic if it fits like a key into a lock.



the homeopathic remedy does not heal us - we always heal ourselves.

However, the homeopathic remedy contributes considerably to the fact that we have our self-healing powers always ready, in that way our organism learns.


In a time when so much of the immune system is mentioned, where hardly anyone knows what that is, you can understand homeopathy as an elegant Training Program of our self-healing powers.


Hahnemann himself  recognized it at first:

As an infant he was what was called back then an "emergency baptism".The beginning of his life was very weak and his health was completely ruined at the Age of 20 , he said.

The many homeopathic drug  provings of his life have finally created a health, which allowed him to start over again even at an advanced age: the last edition of the Organon and finally his second marriage at the age of 80.


How does the homeopathic drug proving work?

Candidates take an unknown potentiated remedies until they notice changes. These changes are accurately recorded in writing.


Unlike conventional medical trials of this kind only potentiated remedies are taken, and not  unknown substances that can be extremely hazardous to health.

On the contrary:


After such a homeopathic drug proving the propositus feels better, even healthier and this also happens at a drug dispensation: the organism learns.