What is the purpose of a homeopathic treatment? Are there any differences regarding the objective target in comparison to conventional medicine?

Patient qoute:"...i treat minor sickness homeopathically, if i should get something real bad, i will go see my doctor..." I cleared my throat shortly "Excuse me!"

These words reveal, what many people nowadays unfortunately still think: homeopathy is good to treat a cold- but if you get real sick you got to switch to conventional medicine. It says then: "... we need to give antibiotics .." Instead of asking:" You as well , doctor ?"- due to the funny "We"- he swallows and believes.

But the fact is:

Orthodox medical means and measures can suppress conditions. This can be life saving or necessary - but unfortunately nothing else is done. Healing there has already happened, if the persistent symptoms disappeared.

Homeopathy has a completely different aim:
Of course the complaints have to disappear and way faster than with orthodox medical measures.
But not in the sense of "suppressing", but by activating the own vitality, by one's own strenght...it's all about the organism which heals itself and then it is at a higher, better health level than before- this means: the treatment of  something acute makes the human healthier than he was before!

This is certainly a completely different requirement.

And if you continue to think, you can understand the difference in the objective target: The Acute is only the occasion, the expression of the organism that calls for healing. And the remedy gives the impulse to set all its other powers free , so that healing happens ...extended homeopathic treatment leads the human being thus to a better health!

Let's have a look at how health develops in long-term conventional medical treatment ... ..

It is probably pretty clear: the longer and more intense the patient is treated by conventional medicine, the worse it gets.
It is more likely that the sickness causes this , it is what it is, he has been told.
So far so good.

But: what is meant by treatable in homeopathy ?
Sort of everything.

The treatment width extends from rash to depression, cancer, multiple sclerosis, strokes, heart attacks...any form of inflammation ... including pneumonia, tonsillitis, appendicitis,  Childhood disease...etc.

Homeopathy has an effect and assists from the first to the last breath, from birth until the deathbed. It helps us to have all our powers ready for each step of the way.

And the all-important difference is obvious: Anyone who is treated homeopathically for quite some time is less afraid of diseases.
And who has less fear, is inferior to control / manipulate ....

Healing is therefore defined differently on both sides: Conventional medicine thereby refers suppressing a state- Homeopathy thus designates the progressive improvement of the overall health condition of a person.

These two approaches therefore are not comparable. And anyone who wants to combine them, does not know either of them- or he says that in the face of incurable conditions where only relief is possible, but not a cure.

And if a remedy has not helped- never doubt homeopathy- not more than the homeopath who is also a human-being and makes mistakes. Mistakes in homeopathic action: nothing happens - the organism simply does not understand.
Faults in conventional medicine: bad consequences and side effects ...