Terrorists have sarin - we have homeopathy! So no need to panic ...

Homeopathy and fighting toxins 

SARIN - or: a little bit of fighting toxin anyone?

Outcry in the media 

Old fighting toxins had fallen into the hands of terror groups...a menance to the world  

Panic, panic, panic ... Logical. 

Let's have a look at the symptoms that those toxins can cause: 

"...depending on the strength of poisoning these are the symptoms which will follow:

rhinorrhea, vision disorders, miosis, eye pain, dyspnea, salivation, muscle twitsching, convulsions, attacks of sweating, vomiting, uncontrollable bowel movements, unconsciousness, central and peripheral respiratory paralysis and death. The effect on the eye occurs at lower concentrations than the one effect in the respiratory tract, so that accommodation disorder and a narrowing of the pupil can be observed at concentrations and exposure times, in which the other signs of poisoning are not noticeable ... .. " 

Since the sarin like other cholinesterase inhibitors can not or only be very slowly released from the blocked enzyme again, the treatment of poisoning with such a warfare agent is extremely difficult. 

Similar effects as those of Sarin also show up in the chemically related warfare agents Tabun, Soman and VX, as well as poisoning with various insecticides such as parathion (E605), it is said that Sarin is about 1000 times more potent and therefore more toxic than E605. [17] " 

quoted from Wikipedia. 

What can a homeopath say about that ...?! 

Oh, A LOT  ... !!! Since all complaints are known in homeopathic medicine - and they are-TREATABLE ... 

Incredible? Yes - we leave the faith to church and to orthodox medicine. 

In homeopathy we deal with FACTS: 

All the disorders amount to the drug picture of PHOSPHORUS- and it is not a surprise at all: these kind of fighting toxins  are phosphate compounds and thus, to put it simply, phosphate poisoning. 

So if someone comes up with such complaints into practice - and that happens for over 200 years now in homeopathic treatment - then he receives and he received either phosphorus as a potentiated remedy or a phosphorus compound or a drug that acts as an antidote against phosphorus poisoning.

 It was already there, before we even had fighting toxins. 

However: Folk medicine also knew this substance as "Mother-in-law-poison" .... 

Well, to quote Goethe as saying: "There is nothing new under the Sun..." 

Let it be understood: 

With my remarks I do not want to play the danger of these poisons down - I just want to show that we are able to help and there is no need to be afraid. 

And I always end up with the same question: 

Why is it withheld to those affected? What could it harm if you tried it? Do you FEAR; that it works?