The story is about Don Camillo  who refuses to accept an ugly Madonna figure standing in his church. 
It is ugly, but it is indeed very old and valuable, experts have told him. In conversation with Christ, he is reminded that the true beauty lies in each one of us. In spite of this, he plans to put a stop to the Madonna due to the upcoming procession: He pumps up the tires of the procession vehicle extremely hard; he misplaces brakes and clutch, and he picks the most bumpy route.
And then it happens:
The Madonna moldered. But she only seems to be broken: she's crumbling! And inside a wonderful, smaller pure silver Madonna appears, so beautiful that the old women shout : "a miracle, a miracle." A believer had deliberately defaced it with clay and hideous colors hundreds of years ago, so that it might be protected by the greed of men.
And Don Camillo hears the voice of Christ .. "the true beauty lies within, it is not visible .." 

Regarding our homeopathy this means:

Stop trying to convince someone! 
It is the best protection for the existence of homeopathy when certain people do not take it seriously. Because if some people knew what was possible with it ... it would be forbidden. Let' s leave the fame of incredibility to homeopathy- anyway: dedicate faith to the church and university medicine! - and ridicule - and it will be preserved!