The word "substance" describes something between the lines , so not even visible, tangible.

We have never known or maybe successfully forgotten.


Modern physics tells us - as always - again something reasonable:


Matter and energy are two sides of the same coin- for instance light is alternately and even at the same time particle and radiation.


What can our mind  imagine: truth, better "reality", probably not.

The annoying chatter about the high potencies of homeopathy reflects this:


To argue exclusively material against the above background is quite Stone Age, and the molecule still strive to sounds almost antediluvian.

After all, even the atom is no longer what it was under the name, "indivisible".


Our present knowledge of small characteristics of all life-modules is currently hovering between quantum, photons and fractals.


Why should proven medical systems which exist for centuries have nothing to do with it or be excluded from it, where they have yet exclusively to do with life?


Incidentally, it is no longer possible  nowadays that the physics obtains separation upright between organic and inorganic shapes - what the chemistry still so gladly would have continued and it also can not.


On The Contrary:


This - today - facts can provide access the  most: not to the "statement, not to the" understanding "but the possible description of what we are dealing with.


Insight ? Explanation?


Does the board really understand?

The board can only asks questions, but answers none , it is a useful tool but not for everything.

You can indeed pump up no tires with a hammer- every tool has its limit sphere.


So let's use the mind  to ask appropriate relating to high potencies:


It's about energy, not about diluting, so there is a stimulus. If something is effected, it must be a living system.


If you understand evolution as a permanent increase of responsiveness of a system, then it is clear why a system "wins" by such a stimulus, in our case it is the diseased system of a human being or an animal-it recovers by learning to self-regulate.

That's basically all.


Applied to the remedies this means:


The more energy that has been placed therein during the manufacturing, the more effective the remedies need to be as a stimulus- because nothing is lost.

Whether the remedy had with radium irradiated water as a raw material or arsenic - that's irrelevant:


What matters is that the other system has choosen this stimulus- therefore it has something to do with it.

Each cell operates in this way atom selection, attraction and rejection. This mechanism is the basis of all life forms.


It means homeopathic:


There is a phenomenon if you have given a "wrong" remedy potency nothing will happen, it can't trigger anything.


Where does all the knowledge of all these remedies/ stimuli come from ?


The homeopathic drug proving describes the procedure to force an answer  from a living System by "Overstimulation " through short, constantly, repeating and identical stimuli - and to write down everything afterwards.


Such an approach can be described as "Training" or to train our immune system.

Once you will do such a homeopathic drug proving you will feel much healthier , it is indeed the best Training.


Funny that none of the eternal yesterday's mocking opponents of homeopathy so far accept my appropriate invitation to this " Training"- Could it be fear that it migh work, you relearn and think ?


The result is what we call a homeopathic remedy :


We know which stimuli are triggered by this remedy and thus can regulate by implication.

Therefore, in therapeutic use, no side effects:

(Because therapeutically the remedy stimulus is rarely given)as painfully familiar from other medical directions and often worse than therapy and disease could be together.


The mind should thus finally use its ability to ask questions effectively:


Just ask, from what the human being is actually built, what makes him sick or healthy:


He should use his ability of doubt.

Doubts about the conception of man as it is traded in the prevailing Medicin and mainly still marketed, on the basis of carefully guarded fear potentials of  the market-friendly human- being- no, consumer, whom is constantly manipulated ( technically) by the Media.


These questions are not allowed - responses could indeed be bad for business.


Because: Where no one can be dominanted anymore, the reign ends.


"Become a little clearer- more comprehensible?"