"If i caught a flu i might treat it homeopathic.... If i got a serious disease i am going to see my practitioner."

This was pretty much the strangest patients quote that I ever heard.

Nowadays people still picture homeopathy for little things like a cold, upset stomach etc. but this is excactly not what it is all about.

What we call "infection", "cold", "gastrointestinal", are usually not independent diseases, it is more a natural effort of the organism to heal itself - as healing is nearly always self-healing anyway.

When to intervene?

If the organism unnecessary suffers and  the whole person feels sick -that means a cold with wellbeing is NOT a reason.

Exception: diarrhea in infants - they otherwise dry out too quickly.

How to use homeopathy practically?

First of all you should take about every 3-4 times a year a suitable medicine.

Brave ones can also take part in a homeopathic drug proving as a training for the organism to stay fit- real "precautionary" , Fitness for your immune system.

Homeopathy as its best!

Acute: if a disease does not go the way it should: fever without thirst, measles without rash ... and:

Immediately if any disease diagnosis falls: thyroid, diabetes, cancer, MS, blood pressure .. and most important in the case of sudden Events as an accident, stroke, heart attack, colic, inflammation (almonds, lungs, appendicitis ..) operations ...

This is the domain of homeopathy: to set our whole self-healing powers free to have our vitality available!

The essence of homeopathic treatment is indeed the fact that the organism learns - and it's always exciting and amazing what our body can do, if we do it this way- ask friendly.

And if someone refuses to accompany a planned chemotherapy or surgery at least homeopathically just ask: "Are you afraid that it will help?"

Because if you refuse, you must still believe in an effect ...

..even if you insists not to believe in it ..

Humankind is not even logical -but our organism is, especially when it comes to heal itself...