What is Homeopathy...?

The definitions that are quoted, are often not only inaccurate but simply wrong.

I had a conversation today with a logical man who is intelligent and educated, but still he made a mocking remark as i mentioned the curiosity that healing with and through Salt infusions is actually a homeopathic one.

He said smugly, that this could not be, because it was not a matter of homeopathic doses.

Since it became clear how much the confusion of tongues ​​is pushed to make a method ridiculous: i made clear to him - hopefully- that this term was a taboo word which can not exist.

Homeopathy describes as accurate as possible the accordance/ SIMILARITY ( therefore the name = similar suffering) between the image of the disease and the image of the drug, which was revealed from the meticulously conducted drug tests- that's it.

The question of the dosage,  thus the amount of drug to be given, has nothing to do with it!!

The effort to discover the least amount of a substance, to find and to administer it, is gladly taken by the opponents out of context and absurdly pulled to pieces - where at the same time it becomes clear that the essence of homeopathy was apparently not understood.

After all, Homeopathy works with all sizes, in the light of the similarity (!) simply - with pure tinctures, with D3, D6, etc.

And every homeopath then works with the quantities /potencies which he/she has recognized as proven...since then there are High potencies and Low potencies- and that is diverse and very varied- as diverse as all men are, and especially all patients- Illness changes each one in a personal manner.

I was able to make this clear to my interlocutor, because after that the conversation continued in a more factual and more interesting way.

Regarding the "homeopathic cure" of Hamburg:

Constantine Hering, the great homeopath who first gave us the snake venom as medicines, by his exact tests, he presented explicitly SALT as the main antidote...it is specifically told by using the example of Lachesis (the bushmaster, pretty similar to the described crotalus/ rattlesnake)...

So if anyone got such a remedy as a therapy, shouldn't do a salt douche...

Or even more so, if one wants to get rid of the corresponding medical condition...and the same is true in the sense of the law of similars for similar diseases, which are equal to the images of blood decomposition by snake venom...

Then salt infusions are even lifesaving, that's how it was experienced.

Wouldn't it be nice if such thoughts  finally lead to first steps of a "working together" -a coexistence of conventional medicine and homeopathy ...?