From that moment on i followed my profession 

Two days before before i intended to left for a trip to India, a very serious illness diagnosis, literally shot me off "aboveground", it did not only prevent the trip, but also gave me the choice to proceed with my "clinic career" and keep on suffering or to finally cut myself off  from my previous therapy.

With an unbelievable medical imprudence, from today's perspective, I chose the second option guided by a heavenly certainty, and for general astonishment became healthy by hard-won self-treatment. Some time later a terrible car accident was the last straw for me, its consequences  cured in an almost unbelievable pace under homeopathic treatment. 

Now at last - with 38 years - i terminated civil service to the dismay of my family, i bravely opened my practice as a naturopath, i swept the rubble of my ruined marriage out of the way and i was out for a place to study medicine so badly, until I finally got it at the age of 43 years. 

It's a funny thing, to get an education, which you inwardly do not approve, to get an admission as a practitioner from those who train there, which allows me to do what the trainer refused completely; yes, I studied medicine because of homeopathy, abandoned marriage and family and I was all the years of study in an almost schizoid sphere: during the term i had to think and learn like an orthodox medical practitioner- and i worked homeopathically during the non-term..., needless to say, that I have further learned homeopathy incessantly throughout the study, i founded the first homeopathic study group at the University of Munich and i conducted it until my 2nd state examination, i practiced homeopathic training through lectures and advisory work for DHU, during the semester break locally in Detmold and during the semester i kept my practice running by phone with a staff trained member of mine, i constantly attended upgrade training courses and was finally allowed to include most of the world's best homeopaths to my teachers.