In the course of the "final stadium" of my marriage, it happened , that my father's patience snapped and because of my unspeakable constitution he summarily talked me out of consulting any other previous doctors and he sent me to a "new" doctor. I had finally got sick enough to be worthy of homeopathy, I want to say today.

Until then, homeopathy was ,as above-mentioned, rather in second place- but after the treatment by Mr. von Ungern-Sternberg it had moved significantly closer to me. But as a suspicious person I could not accurately distinguish, whether the healing effect had something to do with the globule, the person of the doctor or simply the fact that I had madly fallen in love again.

Anyway, Mr. von Ungern-Sternberg was my first medical role model, what i expressed with my usual impetuosity towards him, what he might - if he reads this- will remember with his tolerant serenity. 

Apparently it was not enough to leave my previous life behind. Looking back, I really gain the impression that the life or the "coincidence", the "fate" hauled off to its last and most painful blow, so I finally had to realize my way:  therefore it was just a matter of time that  the homeopathic jackpot followed.