My way to homeopathy

Dr. med. Annette Prollius 

My way to homeopathy....or I really should say: how homeopathy has found its way to me.

I ran into it literally from an early age, it hit me up to pain threshold, until I finally conformed myself to it at our "main meeting"... 

As a child i had wished to become a tailor. It was just too fascinating, when my mother produced out of sheer individual cloth and threads -  sort of Lego bricks, that's how it would be interpreted by a child nowadays  - solid tissue and completely new and different little dress, something different for everyone, and everything from the same or similar "mosaic pieces ", in other words fabric- and yarn remnants. 

Later on I read in a very philosophical book, that you always fulfill your childhood dreams- you may not recognise them at first and therefore you often accidental think, you haven't accomplished your goal.

At some remote period I realized the meaning of this sentence, and also that I had realized my childhood career aspirations - but that I save for last.