The next "meeting" with homeopathy so to speak took place in self-defense: when my children were small, we lived in the countryside - indeed  beautiful, but far away from civilization, supermarket and pediatrician. Out of the necessary consideration to be able to treat the children by myself in an emergency, i came across the "Ottinger-Tables" a guide for homeopathic self-treatment.

I considered it easy to keep, to use and very soon also fully convincing.

This booklet accompanied the major and minor aches and pains of the children - and soon also some of my own and of the neighbors - a couple of years ... and finally also came into oblivion. 

It should be noted that I almost always was kind of sick until the middle of my thirty something and  i thought through my "clinic career" i was getting sicker and sicker.

It had become a necessity for me from the age of 20 to acquiant myself constantly about therapies. 

It was - horribile dictu! - of all books it was the anthology about naturopathy, written by Mr. Köhnlechner, which triggered in a flash the awareness in me that it was a question of pie in the sky

,namely particularly mine- not only passively but also actively.

Despite my (now even civil servant) teachers activity i was dominated by only one wish: to learn all these things and medicine, especially homeopathy ..., just how, was completely unclear to me. 

So first of all i started a Naturopaths training, to learn even more in general, i was a teacher and a mother of two early pubescent children at the same time and finally surrounded by the wreckage of my marriage. During this time my health was extremely bad.