Topic: Disease and repetitions

Preface: I write as a politically interested person and as a doctor. I can not remember to separate between the anger about the always annually / monthly renewing panic-making concerns regarding dangerous diseases, in which there is fear made, or the fact that all these diseases can be treated as elegant homeopathically. 

Allow me, therefore, simply to provide some QUESTIONS in the form of an "open letter to the WHO," in the hope that someone reads it, at least pursues these questions at once. 

The Reason is obvious  Ebola, cholera (in Africa), Listeria, Salmonella and recently even sandflies in Hesse (Germany).

Especially Ebola and cholera make me concerned because the method of homeopathic medicine offers excellent remedies - if you would use them. 

By the way, I have not invented homeopathy eventually - but I would fear to be a doctor without.

Repetitions ..

has always existed. Allegedly the man, learn nothing from history.

Here is a current example:

At the Moment there are two diseases threatening Africa: Ebola fever and cholera.

As at all times panic fueled and spread the theory of incurability.

Repetition? Yes:

On the occasion of the cholera epidemic in Hamburg in 1892 and 1905, it was publicly stated:  

"On or about August 25, 1892  the police authority distributed "protective measures" which had been written by Geh. Rat Dr. Paul Sachse in Berlin and which stated  

" Experience has shown that there is no means against the erupted disease" ec. " 

This is quite modern.

 The only difference:

At that time they were ready to admit that perhaps something else  might help. But if today something is said like that, it is actually incurable without taking up any hope. 


Against such a proposition that there is "no way", is already logically to object, that no man can tell or think this - unless he knows EVERYTHING - and such a person does not exist. Correctly, the sentence shall read: "We, the official medicine have nothing to heal in our drug-supplies". 

In brief: 

Back in Hamburg one was the wiser - they even appealed to the people and called for help on, it was the homeopathy, which led to remarkable successes.

In the cholera epidemic in 1830, homeopathy has been already highly successful in Leipzig. 

And today? 

So if there is a therapeutic method in the world, that has proved its effectiveness worldwide for over 200 years and nowadays withheld from the patient with such disease states - how do you assess this ?!

Is it not a legal factum to deny someone a help if it would be there ..? 

Nowhere really nowhere you can read about the internationalism of homeopathy, or about the great efforts and work of homeopathic doctors in Fukushima,Tsunamie- and other disaster areas. And not even the homeopathic war hospitals of the First World War are mentioned, never mind the convocation of many homeopathic doctors there. 

Instead, it is denied and subjected to the requirement to prove itself to the standards of official medicine- that is, to stand up to the Idols of  "scientific" - without considering the simplest scientific principle that a thing only with the right to their method can be examined. It is indeed not a chemist at the outlet.

What could it harm? If you tried?

By the way:

Even Hahnemann (the founder of the homeopathic system) asked the same question. 

So here are my questions that I sent to all in this "open letter" whom it may concern:

to the WHO, the politicians, the media, the treating physicians: 


Ebola, Lassa and dengue fever may be possibly treated good with homeopathic remedies without any side effects.


Why are these homeopathic remedies withhold to sick People?

Why the doctors a not put it?

Why is nothing meaningful reported about homeopathy in the media, apart from the usual Counterarguments since its  existence.

Why has it never been told that the tsunami and Fukushima victims were and are successfully treated with homeopathy? And that homeopathic doctors still travel with their medicines in the tropics? 

And how come

that in Germany  - the country of origin of homeopathy - the word is not even spread that the very first triumph of homeopathy was also a DISEASE, namely the cholera epidemic Leipzig in 1830, later in 1892 and 1905?

Did you fear that it works? 

(By the way, I asked this question in my own medical studies unwisely a professor: the result can be just described as "HB-males")

It can not be that the remark of Dr. Carstens is true: "homeopathy is so cheap that it harms her!"

With the hope of resonance

MD. Annette Prollius, 32756 Detmold, Germany