"The doctor shortage is not only an issue in USA, but worldwide, as some German paper reported some months ago. We Germans have a progredient shortage of medical practitioners in rural regions, while within the big centres, as Munich, doctors are everywhere. Suppose this is quite the same in USA.
Additionally, we also suffer from a "pathological hypertrophy" as doctors would call it if it were a disease - of what? Bureaucracy. Even the nurses in our hospitals have to do so much paperwork, most of it unnecessary
for medical means and only designed for statistics, PR, and for maintaining an illusion of reliability - that it literally spoils their craft. They have no more time to care and to comfort and to listen - they got to sit at their
computers and fill out forms. It is abominable.

Obamacare as it seems would bring this "tumour disease" to another stage of growth in USA - to an incurable, preterminal stage... this is why no one wants it except the Gov´t. But still it has not been implemented. There must be more reasonable plans available, and there surely are many, many reasonable American citizens working and struggling to make them real instead of that half-baked Obamacare. Good luck America(ns)!

But why all this perversion of method and mind ?

Money, money!
Remember JESUS, He said "You cannot serve both God and Mammon" i,e. Money.

But the Doctor´s public Service - this is it, not a business - is a Service to God. 

It is only logical from the stand-point of JESUS  that public Adoration of Mammon will harm any human occupation which is Worship by Nature.

It will harm REligion but it will harm Agriculture, Handicraft, Education / Child-Rearing, and Medicine as well. For, those occupations are sacred by Nature. In Middle Age thinking there were three sacred professions: the Priest, the medical Healer, and the Ploughman; and the natural profession of Women, Motherhood, was sacred too.

This "outdated" image in fact contains a deep Truth - which reveals itself now negatively. Modern Western Society please do return to this ancient pattern of Respect and you will be cured; otherwise no chemotherapy, radiation or surgery (in social terms: genocide) will save you!

Back to Medicine.

From the time when Medicine was declared an ordinary business, which was about the 1980s, instead of keeping the care for the sick sacred (that is why the Churches still tend the majority of hospitals in Germany) - the wish of
young people to become a doctor must have gone down.

What is a doctor´s life like? Much more like that of a labouring donkey than like that of a triumphant lion. It is hard work, you have to give it all, you see the deepest pits of suffering and misery and often you even cannot do much about it...and then it is supposed to be only a normal business, with no more moral or spiritual value
than that of the Lawyer whom Bob Marley called the Professional Liar and who has a field of work which normally is much easier, and even tends to yield more money...


They rather become lawyers, or Big Business managers. And the Medical Faculties within Universities lose more and more students. 

A wrong ideology will give negative results. Reform the public stand-point about things toward the Truth and the
results will be good again." 

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